Past Projects

Privacy Incidents Database

with Heather Lipford (UNCC), Bart Knijnenburg (Clemson) and Pradeep Murukannaiah (RIT)

We're building an incident database to identify patterns and trends that will
facilitate education, product design and policy development.

This project is supported in part by NCSU's Science of Security Lablet.

Working Paper (Privacy Law Scholars Conference 2016)

Privacy Measurement

We're developing techniques for reducing privacy survey bias   
and identifying objectively measurable behaviors that are predictive of privacy attitudes.

SocialCom 2013 paper, with Alessandro Acquisti and Kristen LeFevre
SOUPS 2011 paper, with Alex Braunstein and Laura Granka

Privacy Sources
with Karthik Sheshadri, Nirav Ajmeri and Andrew McNamara (NCSU)

We're analyzing channels for communicating and discovering privacy information like
news and search queries to understand user concerns and sources of influence.

Word Cloud of Entities in a Sample of New York Times privacy news articles 2010-2015